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Update: One and Fun is now only available on Amazon.com, but also several local bookstores as well. 

In addition to Amazon.com, youcan purchase "One and Fun" in the following locations:


Kentucky Branded (3801 Mall Road, Suite 105)
Joseph Beth Booksellers (161 Lexington Green Circle) 
UK School Bookstore (334 Lexington Avenue) 


Barnes and Noble (801 Hurstbourne Pkwy)


Rose Brothers Deptartment Store (695 Highway 15 N #1)


Ann's Hallmark (7870 Foundation Drive)


John B. Adams Store (72 Isom Drive)

Crestview Hills: 

Joseph Beth Booksellers (2785 Dixie Highway)

Cincinnati [OH]: 

Joseph Beth Booksellers (Rookwood Pavillion, 2692 Madison Road)



Hello and welcome to my amazing website. Here you’ll find only the finest in ---

Ok, ok, I’m kidding, and please forgive me for the bad joke. You didn’t come here for some weird sales pitch, by some Nigerian prince you’ve never heard of, promising to make you millions. Nope. Instead, you came here to learn a little bit about this new Kentucky basketball book you’ve been hearing so much about.

The book that is now available for purchase on Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle! It can also be purchased in Lexington at "Kentucky Branded" and "Your Frame of Mind Galleries" as well!


So let’s start from the beginning: My name is Aaron Torres, and I am the author of the new book ‘One and Fun: A Behind the Scenes Look at John Calipari and the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats.'

For starters, you’re probably wondering where the idea to randomly write a book, about a random team like the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats came from.

Well, the truth is, this was never supposed to be a book at all.

Instead, it all started out as a story idea for an article that I eventually wrote for FoxSports.com in March of 2015. The idea was simple: Five years after they last took the court, I wanted to re-live the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats season. They were a fun team, featuring big-time star power (John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins etc.) which I really believed helped pave the way for everything that is going on at Kentucky to this day. Simply put, Kentucky is the premiere program in college basketball right now, and none of it would be possible without the 2010 team setting the tone from the beginning.

So with that idea in my mind, I spent the next several months working on the article, researching, writing and interviewing everyone I could, including some of the biggest personalities on that team like John Calipari, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and Patrick Patterson. I also interviewed several other people, including other players, coaches, administrators, and anyone else associated with Kentucky basketball that season.

I finally put out the article in March 2015, and the response was overwhelming: Simply put, you guys loved the article. Many of you even followed up and told me that I should turn the original article into a book.

Huh, a book? I had never really thought about it.

But after thinking about it, I realized I had to write a book. There was so much great information, so many great nuggets and anecdotes and side-stories that didn’t make the original article. They were all stories that I knew Kentucky fans would love. They were stories that fans needed to know.

You see, that’s the thing about the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats: Not only were they crazy talented (as evidenced by how well Wall, Bledsoe, Patterson and DeMarcus Cousins are playing in the NBA), but they were fun too. They had incredible personality, were incredibly dynamic, and there was so much darn funny stuff that I hadn’t been able to include in the original article.

Like the time the team got a call from President Barack Obama after raising a million dollars for charity… and DeMarcus Cousins freaked out in the locker room before the call came in. Or when the entire team freaked out, because they got to eat Popeye’s Chicken for a postgame meal. Or how several players almost turned down being featured on the cover of a national magazine because one of their teammates wasn’t included.

Simply put, the article wasn’t enough. This team’s story was too good not to tell in longer form.

That’s also why I spent the last six months grinding away on a book; doing more research, more interviews and finding out every little nugget, detail and piece of information I could about this team.

My goal was to put together a book that served two purposes

  1. One, it had to be something that Kentucky’s players and coaches would be proud of, something that accurately depicted what it was like to be a Kentucky Wildcat that season.
  2. Two it had to be a book that fans would love, something that they would be unable to put down.

I have done exactly that in “One and Fun” which is the most detailed account ever, of the 2010 Kentucky Wildcats. Simply put, if you loved the original article, you’re going to love the book even more. 

That’s also why I have put together this website: This is designed as a place that’s “one stop shopping” for every piece of information that you could possibly needabout this book. It will also hopefully feed your appetite, until you order the book and it arrives on your doorstep.

This website has it all.  We have excerpts and information on how to order this book, plus, you can always add us on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram , for more information as it comes out. Plus, if you have any questions, or want to be added to our mailing list, please feel free to reach out at KentuckyBasketballBook@gmail.com . I promise to personally respond to any questions, and I can add you to our upcoming mailing list as well. Simply put “One and Fun” is a book that every Kentucky fan has to have. And they can get it now.

"One and Fun" is now available for purchase on Amazon.com, or through the publisher. For additional information, plus exclusive discounts and more details, sign up for the newsletter above, or e-mail KentuckyBasketballBook@gmail.com



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